Experiencing Learning Experientially

December 4, 2010

It has definitely been the open season for conferences.  And what a variety.  We spoke on topics ranging from architecture to orchestras, from London to Madrid, and finished up in Berlin at the EABIS conference on Experiential Learning. The conference was held in Erich Honecker’s old office.  Not quite the modest nerve centre of the […]

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Soundings: Climb every mountain

October 31, 2010

Sound Strategies is not planning to climb Mount Kilimanjaro this year. But it is supporting someone who is. That person is the world famous percussionist, Dame Evelyn Glennie, a musical colleague and one-time collaborator with Sound Strategies consultants Michael Spencer and Andrew Peggie. There is a good cause, as Glennie explains: ‘I have chosen AbleChildAfrica […]

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Soundings: Sonic deities in Japan

August 23, 2010

Sonic deities in Japan In Japanese culture, appreciation of nature is very important. The Japanese believe there is a god for each element of nature (called Yaoyorozu no kami, meaning eight million gods) and if people forget to appreciate them or neglect the natural environment, the gods will be furious and punish them. Perhaps because of […]

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Soundings: The sound of a Leaf moving

May 1, 2010

The sound of a Leaf moving Two cheers for Nissan for beginning to understand the significance of sound for machines. The web is a-buzz with a PR campaign for the new Nissan Leaf which cleverly manages to press at least two different ‘issue’ buttons simultaneously. The Leaf is a hybrid car which runs silently on electricity […]

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Soundings: Emotional transfer – does it exist?

April 1, 2010

Emotional transfer – does it exist? Transferable skills have been in the news recently. Volunteers being tested for the BBC TV science programme Bang Goes the Theory got to play computer games based on so-called ‘brain training’ activities like those of the Nintendo Dr Kawashima games. At least some of them did – the others had […]

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Soundings: Martin Lindstrom discovers Pavlov

February 4, 2010

Martin Lindstrom Discovers Pavlov – SHOCK REVELATIONS! Marketing guru Lindstrom recently revealed that he had discovered a hitherto neglected advertising medium, after a period of nine months studying the neurological and physiological reactions of people subjected to a range of common sounds including the Intel sonic logo, a baby giggling and the Hail to the […]

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Soundings: Four ways that sound can affect the bottom line

January 1, 2010

Four ways that sound can affect the bottom line • The most effective TV advertising links emotional engagement to brand identity. A well constructed music track promotes positive emotional engagement even if the product or the video is of no immediate interest. • Thought for the day: Narrowcast advertising in a supermarket will reach more potential […]

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Soundings: sonic health check…pay attention at the back

September 30, 2009

Sonic health check – Michael Spencer contemplates the possibility of ‘organic’ use of sound. Pay attention at the back – and Andrew Peggie delves into the problem of low level processing. Sound Strategies News – The Japan Matsuri in London and more web audio research announced.

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Soundings: Happy holidays

September 1, 2009

Happy Holidays – Andrew Peggie is tempted (or not) by UK holiday resort videos. Sound Strategies News – Sound Strategies’ work written up in the Tourism and Hospitality Research academic journal.

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Soundings: how was it for you…sonic logos and the recession

May 6, 2009

How was it for you? – Michael Spencer on the assumptions that can plague music in advertising. How sonic logos can beat the effects of the recession – and Andrew Peggie tries to work out how a sonic logo works. Sound Strategies News – Sound Strategies working with The Deliverers in Prague … Andrew Peggie […]

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