Soundings: oiling the wheels…jingles in the TV jungle

April 2, 2009

Oiling the wheels – Andrew Peggie on music as an essential lubricant. Jingles in the TV jungle – the traditional format still has much to offer, argues Michael Spencer.

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Soundings: our hidden side…bleeps and burps

March 1, 2009

Our Hidden Side – What we do elsewhere. Michael Spencer Bleeps and Burps – The art of noise and what it tells us. Andrew Peggie Sound Strategies News – ‘We’re legitimate’, B2B Marketing and TBWA

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Soundings: talking about music…music in Japan and travel, tourism, and bodily functions

January 31, 2009

Talking about music – Michael Spencer on Sound Strategies’ plan to ensure you’re never lost for words. How music in Japan assists in travel, tourism and bodily functions – Sound Strategies researcher Yukiyo Sugiyama discovers how the Japanese re-sensitise themselves with music. Sound Strategies News – At EMI Abbey Road studios, we start a new […]

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Soundings: predicting the future…brand-music’s ethical dimensions

December 29, 2008

Predicting the future – Michael Spencer on the changes lurking behind the current financial crisis. Should brand-music tie-ins have an ethical dimension? – Can a brand ruin a beautiful relationship with the music, asks Andrew Peggie. Sound Strategies News – Seminars in for the Ogilvy Group and University of Liverpool.

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Soundings: shotgun weddings…the elephant in the room…Christmas on the web

November 27, 2008

Shotgun weddings – Michael Spencer asks who calls the shots in brand-music deals. The elephant in the room – Andrew Peggie on the creativity gap between brand development and advertising. What does Christmas sound like on the web? – Retail giants get their virtual decorations out. Sound Strategies News – Michael Spencer in Kingston and […]

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Soundings: innovation and taking part…fast food music…health and beauty

October 29, 2008

Innovation and taking part – Michael Spencer is struck by the power of participation. Fast food music – Andrew Peggie wonders whether creative directors are gorging on easy musical fixes. Listening to health & beauty – how can music be part of the healthy living sell online? Sound Strategies news – feature for B2B Marketing […]

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Soundings: joining the dots…push me, pull you…home on the web

October 1, 2008

Joining the dots – Sound Strategies clocks up full 12 months of Soundings issues, so what have we learned? Push me, pull you – Michael Spencer reports on how Japanese sensitivity to nature is reflected in their approach to sound in public spaces. At home on the web? – Andrew Peggie considers how to cut […]

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Soundings: the end of the world is nigh…Hermès bearing gifts

August 27, 2008

The end of the world is nigh… – Andrew Peggie gets to grips with what’s going wrong with music marketing. Hermès comes bearing gifts – maximum pleasure from the fashion house website, without having to spend a penny (AP) Sound Strategies News – Michael Spencer in Japan

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Soundings: shopping – the new theatre…enlivening the retail environment

July 30, 2008

Is shopping the new theatre? – Michael Spencer on why good retail can make good theatre. Roll up! Roll up! – How music can enliven the retail environment, by Steve Oakes. Andrew Peggie laments the fact that lack of audio makes hotel websites seem other-worldly. Sound Strategies News – Campaign Digital Viewpoint feature – Agencies, […]

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Soundings: blowing our own trumpet…before the music starts…Paribas

July 7, 2008

Blowing our own trumpet A special edition of Soundings devoted to Sound Strategies’ work and expertise Before the music starts – Michael Spencer explores the changing audio environment. Paribas – managing change. An extended Web Audio Briefing case study. How the French financial services group is ahead of the game but not quite hitting the […]

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