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Unilever (Japan)
Japan Matsuri – Embassy of Japan/Japan Society/Japan Residents Association
Global Pharmaceutical company


Objective: To be able to make better informed, value-led decisions about the use of audio in their brand positioning

Response: We delivered a series of interactive workshops combining insights from Galaxy’s in-house materials, the latest psychological research, and a range of arts based techniques

Results: The brand re-configured their approach to the commissioning and assessment of commercials from the creation of the brief, to the evaluation of the result.

“…truly ‘eye and ear opening both as a team engagement activity, and to reframe our entire approach to sound in advertising.  I would recommend it to any marketer who wants to make an emotional connection with consumers!” Stuart Woollford, Galaxy UK Segment Leader


Unilever ( Japan)

Objective: To encourage more creative ways of thinking throughout their brand teams and build competitive advantage

Response: Devised a series of multi-sensory experiences across a range of artistic disciplines  involving artists, musicians, and the former Creative Director of Vidal Sassoon

Results: Complete engagement of the brand teams and a marked transformation in their approach to the promotion of their brands.

“…really stimulating and creative.  Nothing like we have done before.” Victor Misawa VP Marketing (NE Asia)


Matsuri: 2009, 2010 – Embassy of Japan/Japan Society/Japan Residents Association

Objective: To create a large scale public event for raising the profile of the Japanese community in the UK

Response: In partnership with the Japan Society and Hammerson, we created the concept  of a large scale festival (Matsuri) in Spitalfields in East London, and negotiated the collaboration of all major stakeholders, devised and administered the events, and co-managed the running of each festival.


  • In 2009 we expected 15,000 attendees.  35,000 arrived.  In 2010 there were 50,000+.
  • During the three days prior to the festival there were in excess of 27,000 hits on the website.
  • Major press coverage in both the UK and Japan
  • The whole area benefitted and future festivals will received the support of the borough council


“Today we had so many people together. We’ve been able to celebrate Japanese culture. Find out about things we didn’t know but also revisit things we did know. So it’s been fantastic! With martial arts, music, dancing… It’s been brilliant. What’s been best is that so many people meeting their friends, having fun and looking relaxed.” Heidi Potter, Director, The Japan Society

“Most spectacular event we’ve ever had in Spitalfields and we love to stage this event again. Everything about it has been absolutely wonderful.” Ray Dervin, Market and Event Manager, Spitalfields

Japan Matsuri 2009

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Global Pharmaceutical company

Objective: To give a fitting close to their global conference in East Europe that involved all their top executive teams (250 from 27 countries) and was symbolic of the forthcoming high profile merger

Response: Working with their corporate identity materials we created a dedicated communal song which worked across cultures.  It was integrated into a range of conference touch points, and culminated in a final workshop in which all participated and during the course of which we made a music video with live musicians.

Result: Huge enthusiasm from the attendees who were still singing the song as they left the conference centre!

It was used throughout their internal communications systems as a continuing  reminder the aims of the conference

“This was spectacular.  It delivered everything we needed” CEO




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