Case Studies – Planning

InterContinental Hotels & Resorts
Orquestra Simfònica del Vallès (Spain)

InterContinental Hotels & Resorts

Objectives: To amplify their brand promise and create deeper, more memorable impact on their guests. To research and build a strategy for unifying and leveraging the audio and acoustic facets of their 150 properties around the globe

Response: We created a 2-year programme consisting of targeted  research into the hotel and leisure industry,  stakeholder workshops, staff engagement programmes, supplier selection and monitoring processes, specialist equipment sourcing and installation, PR and advocacy structures,  feedback and evaluation mechanisms.

Result: A significant contribution to InterContinental’s re-branding process which was both sensitive to their position as global leaders, and responsive to both the locale and character of the properties.

  • Creation of web web-based resources.
  • A more clearly articulated  understanding of the brand’s interaction with staff and guests.
  • Insights into the creation of  future staff engagement programmes
  • Migration of the methodology and findings to Holiday Inns

Recognition for the contribution made to this sector from the University of Surrey Hospitality Research Department, the  Journal of Business Strategy, and in the industry standard Handbook of Hospitality Operations and IT.

“…made us re-examine the brand … we realised that what we were doing at brand team level was not perhaps appropriate at the grass roots of the organisation…we knew we were breaking new ground” Eric Nicolas.  Director, Global Brand Innovation

“… that there were lessons to be learned in our style of management… we have to learn to leave room for other people’s creativity” Mark Snyder. SVP Brand Management – Holiday Inns


Orquestra Simfònica del Vallès (Spain)

Objective: To reposition the orchestra as one of the primary arts organisations in Catolonia

Response: We created an education and outreach programme linked closely to the needs of local communities and the aims of sponsors.  It was geared also to act as a stimulus for their overall marketing and media strategy

Result: Significant inroads into people’s perception of the orchestra and its purpose.

  • Closer relationships with sponsors, education authorities, and the retention and increase of grants.  More extensive media profile
  • Reputation as an organisation with an expertise in delivering socially relevant education and community programmes
  • Invitation to apply its methodologies to other venues throughout Catalonia

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