Case Studies – Writing

Lux (Unilever)


Objective: To provide the academic underpinning for a new brand initiative exploring the use of audio as an integrated communications tool.

Response: From a combination of existing psychological , neuroscientific, sociological and proprietary research, created a white paper providing a rationale and framework for assessing and making choices about the alignment of their brand with audio

Result: Became integral to brand manger training programmes and disseminated to other  Unilever Brands



Objective: To create an original ‘thought’ piece  launching their new series of Digital Viewpoint features nationwide

Response: Augment our proprietary research to create the first in a series of personal opinion features featured Overview of music on the web.

Result: Client base improved radically, other speaking opportunities.  Considered the leading thinkers on the use of audio in brand communications

“As always, your analysis continues to be spot on” Martin Pazzani former CEO Elias Arts


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